Astrology ForecastMars Transit in 2021, its impact and remedies

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Mars has the status of the army commander among the planets. It is the planet of fire, aggression, violence, and destruction. 

It has an essential role in our lives. Mars transit may fluctuate the vitality, aggression, and spirit of adventure in an individual. It also defines the relationship with siblings, esp. brothers, immobile property (esp. land), leadership quality, and physical strength. 

The results of Mars transit are significant for people in the military, police, or those in war-related activities. 

Let’s see the impact of Mars Transit in 2021 on all zodiac signs in 2021 and its remedies. 

Mars Transit in 2021

Mars Transit in 2021
ARIES to TAURUS: 22 February, Monday, 5:02 am

Mars dominates the zodiac sign, Aries. Hence, you will be full of zest in this period. You will put full enthusiasm and effort into your work. Make sure to collaborate with others to ensure the best results. 

This is a good time for career growth. You may perform well in a leadership position and reap suitable rewards for the same. If you are an entrepreneur, you may receive favorable opportunities during this transit. You may take calculated risks and benefit from them. 

It is advisable to manage anger and avoid hurting people with harsh behavior or words. Such actions are rebound and cause significant damages. 

Mars Transit in 2021 brings excellent results for Gemini, Leo, and Cancer natives. 

Remedy: donate masoor (red gram) in a Hanuman temple on Tuesday.

TAURUS GEMINI 14 April Wednesday 1:16

Taurus is a sign governed by the planet of beauty – Venus. Venus and Mars have a neutral relationship. The sensibility of Venus combined with Mars energy will help you to stay put in challenging situations.
You will work with persistence and patience towards your goals and will be able to achieve them despite hurdles.
You will be deeply attracted to the opposite sex. Mars in the Taurus (ruled by venue) may spark passionate relationships. There is a high possibility of finding a love interest during this transit. Be careful not to indulge in unethical behavior.
Mars Transit in 2021 in Taurus is great for natives of Capricorn, Virgo, and Aquarius.
Remedy: Donate besan( Bengal gram flour) laddoos in Hanuman temple.

GEMINI CANCER 2 June Wednesday 6:39

Mars, in the sign of mercury, brings quick decision-making and multi-tasking. However, avoid putting your effort in multiple directions; otherwise, you may make no progress anywhere. It is advisable to stay focused on a few critical tasks and avoid various engagements.
It may appear challenging to focus on one assignment with many lucrative opportunities around you. But If you stay focused, you might crack great business deals or make radical career advancements.
Avoid being negative or critical of friends and close relatives. This attitude may hurt your relationships and turn people against you.
However, this transit will be most favorable for you if you belong to creative fields like media, journalism, showbiz, etc.
Mars in Taurus brings good results for natives of Aries, Capricorn, and Virgo.

CANCER LEO 20 July Tuesday 17:31

Fiery Mars moves to the watery sign of Cancer, ruled by a cooling moon. There will be mixed results for all zodiac signs.

You might face emotional disturbances or may turn aggressive. Try to avoid unnecessary aggression or emotional meltdown. Instead, working to find a peaceful solution might protect you from any adverse results.
Remedy: recite Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan for a peaceful transit

LEO VIRGO 6 September Monday 3:21

The Mars Transit 2021 in Leo brings it close to its natural friends – the sun. This combination of both the assertive and aggressive planets will instill radical dynamism and leadership skills in you.
Sun combined with Mars will bring exalted intelligence, grasping, and decision-making power. It is an excellent period for you if you are a govt officer or hold any authoritative position.
You may be tempted to disregard advice from your peers or turn intolerant towards non-performers. But try to Avoid arrogant behavior or disrespect towards others as it might bring a bad name to you.
Gemini, Scorpio, and Pisces may benefit significantly from this transit.
Remedy: recite or listen to Sunderland every day or every Tuesday.

VIRGO LIBRA 22 October Friday 1:13

Mars in the sign of mercury brings the intelligence of mercury with leadership quality of mars. In this transit, you may accomplish multiple tasks with due diligence and extensive planning.
Mercury is the lord of herbs and medicines. Therefore, you will see good progress if you are in the field of medicine, wellness, or pharmaceuticals. People engaged in herbal products or therapies will experience tremendous growth.
However, avoid perfectionism as it may irk your colleagues and close ones. Also, you may turn into a workaholic due to multi-tasking. Try to set aside some time to relax and meditate. This might help you strike a balance between work and rest.
Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries may benefit from this transit.
Remedy: Donate red objects like masoor dal, red clothes, red sandalwood, etc., in Hanuman temple.

LIBRA SCORPIO 5 December Sunday 5:01

As masculine Mars enters the sign of feminine Venus – libra, you may experience mood swings and may exhibit contradictory behavior.
You may feel peaceful at one time and aggressive at another. During this transit, it is best to suppress the temptation to prove others wrong. You may try to avoid unnecessary debates and quarrels. You may feel threatened and insecure, but try to stay calm and composed as much as possible.
It is favorable to indulge in social work or religious activities as they may bring peace, satisfaction and prevent emotional distress.
Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius may benefit significantly from this transit.
Remedy: Donate sindoor/vermilion in south-facing Hanuman temple.

Conclusion on Mars Transit in 2021

These are the impact and remedies for Mars transit in 2021. However, the most essential and infallible remedy for all kinds of problems is to have a balanced mind.

According to Vedic Astrology, the sun stands for the soul. And when the sun shines, all other stars disappear into oblivion. Likewise, may our soul shine and eradicate the effects of all other external factors!

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