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Vedic Horoscope | Vedic Astrology

Hindu or Vedic Horoscope is a concept based on the Vedas or Hindu scripture. This astrology shows the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm. In this study of astrology, it takes into account more of the celestial changes that occur in the sky that interact with a person’s life.

A Vedic Horoscope not only utilizes the positioning of the sun and the specific signs to determine the paths of an individual’s future but also consider the path of the moon and where each planet crosses the ecliptic plane. These various changes can greatly impact the path a person faces in the future.

Vedic Horoscope takes into account all of the various changes in the sky. Although there are general readings available that can provide a guided path, individualized options can be created. By providing a birthdate and time of birth, various celestial events can be tracked to provide a more inclusive description of the person being charted through Vedic Horoscope.

Once the specific events of the day and time have been determined, they can be compared to current and future events. Those experienced with this type of astrology can provide a more detailed future that takes into account the planets and their pull on the forces that guide the universe.


Although knowing a person’s Zodiac sign is important to find their horoscope, there is a little more that is needed to figure out how the universe is interacting with their individual lives. Those knowledgeable in this practice can study the charts to help determine what the future has in store.

A horoscope is determined by comparing the path of the sun in accordance with the corresponding zodiac sign to the placement of the sun and various celestial events on a particular day. This determines how the two principals are interacting with the elements that affect an individual’s life. This can help provide a guide on what a person in a particular sign can expect for the day.

In general, a horoscope is created using basic signs. This means that the daily horoscope that is given out for each sign is a general future guide for anyone within that sign. However, there are those who can chart a guide that is more specific to an individual.

A more specific guide to the future can be determined by finding the date and time a person was born. This allows the astrologer to find the specific attributes of that person to determine the individual effects of the celestial changes.

By using the charts of the star placements on the time and date of a person’s birth, they can compare those to the expected changes in the heavens over the next several days, months, or even years to provide a complete guide on what the individual can expect for their future.

What Does Your Horoscope Say Today?

Knowing what the future has in store has been a great desire of many people throughout history. This has led many to study and learn the patterns in the universe that can provide a path to an individual’s future to help them prepare for the various things coming their way.

The study of the stars and the planets, as well as their pattern on certain days, has provided the means to develop a daily Horoscope for people. These horoscopes can provide information to help people find love, wealth, and even happiness.

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The study of astrology has shown that the various celestial phenomena, as well as the patterns of the stars, has a direct relation to human activity. This is based on the concept that all activity of the universe is an interaction of two opposing principles, love and strife.

These two principles are manipulating the four elements that makeup all the universe. These elements are fire, water, air, and earth. A person’s future can be determined by which principle is acting on which element.

Each element corresponds with a particular zodiac sign that is attributed to individuals. This helps Astrologers to correlate the changes in the universe to each individual and their path as dictated by those events.

Zodiac Signs

A zodiac sign is attributed to a person based on the date of their birth. The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are attributed to a set number of degrees of the path of the sun. When the sun is in the section that is attributed to a particular sign, all those born during that period will be that particular sign.

Being born to a specific Zodiac sign also conveys specific attributes that those under that sign share. By taking a person’s birthdate, they can easily determine their sign and attributes from the list below.

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